Mary and Martins Newfies.



Nero (Monterosa Sir Giles) (6th Oct '76 to 15th Sep '88)

Nero (Monterosa Lifebouy) (29th April '85 to 10th April '97)

Merlin (Black Shimmer) (11th Jan '89 to 23rd Sep 2000)

Hagar (Karazan Toffee Brown) (10th April '94 to 26th December '03)

Lercio (Culnor Silly Point) (6th July '94 to 14th April 2006)

Echo (Culnor Inuvik) (15th Oct '97 to 1st Sept 2005)

Monty (Culnor Be Good) (2nd May '99 to 15th Nov '06)

Piglet (Trinityfair Border Patrol) (18th Oct '93 to 28th Aug '03)

Thor (Carisue Canopus Star) (15th Nov '03)

Leo (Sparkybears Black Thunder) (16th July '05)